Kanye West, Nietzsche, & Copyright Law


The above link goes to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals case of Vincent Peters v. Kanye West (Vincent Peters v. Kanye West, 11-1708 (7th Cir. 2012)). You probably don’t want to read it, so I’ve provided a short version and more legal summary below.

tl;dr - Vincent Peters (aka Vince P) thought Kanye ripped off the song Vince P wrote called “Stronger.” Vince P said that most rappers don’t quote Nietzshe (especially using P’s particular rhyme scheme) or mention Kate Moss. The court disagreed, and Kanye won.

Now here’s the Legal Version. I think it is the much more fun version, but I am also a nerd. (note: this is not legal advice & I quote quite freely from the decision)

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